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One Material
Multiple Products
Infinite Innovations 

Our journey begins with the revolutionary SuperFibre, an eco-friendly material with exceptional tunable properties. We have unlocked the transformative potential of SuperFibre enabling  creation of a diverse range of innovative products. With this unique combination of cutting-edge material and our specialized knowledge, we pioneer groundbreaking solutions.



SuperFibre® is a brand of our new generation lignocellulosic fibre products. Our proprietary manufacturing process starts with a large spectrum of  lignocellulosic  fibres isolated from hemp, wheat, wood and even textile waste! We apply methods to  introduce the desired superior properties uniformly for the most demanding applications.

Would you like to try out this product? Are you looking to assess its compatibility with your specific requirements? Rest assured, we're here to provide assistance! You can get in touch with us either by emailing us at or by using our contact form. We'll find the perfect solution tailored to your needs.


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